I have worked with a wide variety of clients including on-line businesses, web content providers, artists and magazine editors.


Here are a few of the testimonials I've received.



 "Christian Green has been a regular and welcome contributor to 'Evergreen' magazine for several years. He can be relied upon to generate ideas for original, informative and engaging articles that are written, researched and presented to a very high standard. It is always a pleasure to receive his work and we look forward to publishing more of his articles in the future."


- Angeline Wilcox,


Deputy Editor of Evergreen and This England







 "Christian demonstrates great professionalism, produces quality work, performs exactly according to our specifications, and on time. Formidable!"


- Jacqueline Demange,


Agence Webcom, Paris







"Christian is a very professional colleague who delivers his work on time and gives great suggestions. He has proofread for us various texts from different fields, including tourism, marketing, finance, law, technical manuals, food industry, etc. 

It's a pleasure to work with him and we are very satisfied with our cooperation."


- Alenka KOROŠEC,


Project Manager, PSD Group, Ljubljana







 "It has been a pleasure to work with Christian for the past year, he has helped us to create press releases, content for the website and news articles in general. He has attention to detail and is able to deliver quality work as well as meeting strict deadlines. I really recommend him as he is highly qualified and amazing in what he does!"


- Natalia Eleuterio,


Marketing Coordinator, Skyline Worldwide







 "It is a pleasure to work with Chris; he has a quick understanding of my business desires and intention, always delivers the work on time and adds constructive suggestions! I appreciate his professionalism, patience and talent!"


- Joan Qiong Liao,


Founder, Real Antique Ltd, UK






"We approached Christian Green 3 years ago when we began our journey creating TrustLincSkill.  Christian is quite simply a fantastic writer and now our friend. His work resonates with an honest, heartfelt sincerity that is sorely lacking in today’s literary world. We had previously been unsuccessful in finding a reliable freelancer to work with and now realise that we have been so lucky in finding Christian.

Everything he has done for us – blogs, tips, news, video script, website copy, presentation content, proofreading and more is top quality. He never misses a deadline and has a personal touch that is really important from both our company’s perspective and that of our customers, too. Christian also goes beyond the writing process to give us suggestions on what specific items should be highlighted within the text.

In a nutshell he is the key to our company’s growth. We can't think of a better guy to work with in this context."


Marius Muraska and Edvinas Scerbavicius,


Co-founders, TrustLincSkill







 "Christian Green revitalised our publicity campaign and is now our go-to guy for any copywriting projects we require. He's fast, smart, never misses a deadline and is full of ideas. I cannot recommend his services highly enough."


- Farah Houad,


Holiday Design Manager, Combo Holidays Group







 "I have frequently availed myself of the services of this gifted wordsmith, Christian Green, to promote my art & illustration work both in regional and national publications. His ability to understand and encapsulate my particular area of expertise has been of immeasurable value in the furtherance of my business endeavours. Christian's imaginative use of language and his insightful grasp of the content and inspiration behind my artwork has been most successful in gaining me priceless and intelligently placed publicity, thereby substantially enlarging my customer base."


- L.K. Devereux,


Art and Illustrations







 "Delighted with Christian's work. Consistently delivers to time and quality with a positive attitude to client requirements."


-Simon Snelling,


CEO, Search Sciences LLP, Content Now LLP, Rebecca|Ellis|Greene